Adult Dance

Adult Dance

‘Adult Dance’ at VLDA is a FULL program of daily classes that can see you learn one or more of our dance styles every day from Monday to Saturday! And we cater to all ages and levels.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have prior dance training, our Adult Dance classes at Van Loon Dance Academy in Manly are for you! Our friendly and highly qualified dance teachers will teach you dance in our fully equipped VLDA dance studios.

For the Adult Dance beginner, we offer:

Adult Ballet: Basic (45 mins)

Adult Contemporary: Basic (45 mins)

Adult Jazz: Basic (45 mins)

Adult Tap: Basic (45 mins)

Private lessons available: (30 mins)

As the name ‘suggests, you will learn the basic and fundamental technique in these dance styles, concentrating on your posture, strength and co-ordination and the correct execution of movements and steps. Our dance teachers will guide and encourage you as you learn, progress and excel in your knowledge and execution of dance technique fundamentals. These friendly and fun classes should see you get to the next level in due course and you can then progress to the following level if you wish…

For the Adult Dance student with prior dance knowledge we offer:

Adult Ballet: Intermediate (1 hour)

Adult Ballet: Intermediate/Advanced (1.5hours)

Pointe work: Beginners (45 mins)

Adult Contemporary: Intermediate/Advanced (1 hour)

Adult Jazz: Intermediate/Advanced (1 hour)

Adult Tap: Intermediate/Advanced (45 mins)

In these classes we teach a full length class that includes all the components of a dance class: a warm up (or barre for ballet), centre practice, adage, turns/pirouettes and jumps/allegro.
Our expert dance teachers will cater to every student in the class and guide, encourage and challenge you as you progress and excel. These fun and challenging dance classes are a workout that will see you get fit while having fun excelling in your dance skill! Dance is the ultimate fitness training!

For the very advanced Adult Ballet student we are very happy to offer:

Adult Ballet: Advanced (1.5 hours)

Adult Ballet: Super Advanced (1.5 hours)

It goes without saying that these classes are for the Adult Dancer with a great former training in Classical Ballet. These classes are danced together with the VLDA ballet teenage students who have reached this exceptionally high level of ballet excellence

For Adult Ballet students:
Electing to do Cecchetti syllabus ballet classes at any level and doing Cecchetti Ballet exams are an option for any Adult Ballet student at VLDA

In addition to these dance classes we offer:

Pilates: Mat/barre (45 mins)

Pilates for Ballet (30 mins)

Senior Adult Stretch and Strengthening (45 mins)

Pilates is an excellent an intense way of exercising that targets key muscle groups and when done with good alignment and with good guidance these exercises are  really excellent. Our expert teachers ensure you will reap the benefits of Pilates

Senior Stretch and Strengthening is for Senior Adults aged 65+
With life experience behind them, most over 65+ Senior Adults know their physical limits and would like daily exercise that is enjoyable as well as offering enough of a physical challenge to work the body and mind well. At Van Loon Dance Academy we cater to just such Senior Adults! Moving to music with the healthy component of stretching and strengthening exercises (under the careful individual guidance of our friendly teachers) our Senior Adults thrive at VLDA!
This well balanced exercise class designed specifically for those 65 and over, is on offer at Van Loon Dance Academy 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday at 8.30-9.15am at The Congregational Church VLDA dance studio, 50 Sydney Rd, Manly.
In addition…

It is a proven fact that the health benefits of maintaining social interaction as we age are many. So an added bonus of attending this class at VLDA is the social aspect of it, given the option our Senior Adults enjoy of having their own morning tea together after the exercise class! There is the option to enjoy this activity in the lower meeting room at the Congregational church (pending availability of the room). A healthy social interaction is shared over morning tea, with friendships nurtured. You will be warmly welcomed at Van Loon Dance Academy!

At VLDA we  are passionate about and committed to teaching good dance training and movement  for all, for both children and adults. Why should kids have all the fun?! So come and learn Adult Dance in Manly with us! It’s never too late to move and learn dance at Van Loon Dance Academy!

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