Today’s current trends and cutting edge developments in Contemporary dance are celebrated at VLDA. There are various established techniques of Contemporary dance (Graham, Cunningham and Limon technique etc) but at VLDA we teach an amalgamation of established techniques and much more. Drawing from what is new in the dance world today, our talented and qualified teachers give our students a ‘voice’ for self-expression through new and exciting Contemporary dance movement that is current and ever-evolving. Our students explore the many and varied ways one can move, feel and express through Contemporary dance using collaboration and improvisation skills. Challenging limitations, pushing boundaries and always evolving by its very nature, Contemporary dance at VLDA is exciting and innovative. Students can take part in the annual Cecchetti Choreographic competition to perform their own routines. Talented Contemporary students can be considered for eisteddfod Contemporary and Lyrical solos and VLDA groups. Our annual VLDA dance concert showcases the dancing of all our Contemporary students.

Join contemporary dance classes at Van Loon Dance Academy.  We give students a voice of self expression through the ever-evolving contemporary dance movement.
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Contemporary Dance Timetable

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