Hip Hop

The latest in Hip Hop trends are taught at VLDA. Hip Hop culture has emerged from Black and Latin America culture and has a range of distinctive styles and music. Breaking, locking, popping and krumping are just some of the moves you can enjoy learning in this very energetic and cutting edge dance style. Acrobatics is taught to compliment Hip Hop (for children in year 4 and up) at VLDA. Students (10 years old and up) can take part in the annual Cecchetti Choreographic competition to perform their own routines. Talented Hip Hop students can be considered for Hip Hop eisteddfod solos and VLDA groups. Our annual VLDA dance concert showcases the dancing of all our Hip Hop students. Bust a move! Join our Manly Hip Hop Dance Classes.  Van Loon Dance Academy is the No. 1 Dance Academy for Hop Hop on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Book a FREE class today!

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