Special Needs Dance

Special Needs Dance

Van Loon Dance Academy offers Adaptive Dance classes in Manly, which is a  wonderful dance therapy for dancers with a disability or special need.

Our expert dance teachers/providers help all the Adaptive dancers enjoy their love of dance in our fabulous dance studio spaces which cater to their needs.

The joy of dance is for everyone!!  We celebrate this at VLDA and, as an added option, provide an annual VLDA Special Dance Concert for our Adaptive Dancers. This is an optional extra for any aspiring Adaptive Dance performers and the event is held in a professional theatre space on site at our largest Manly venue. Our VLDA Adaptive Dancers perform in costume and under lights on stage for friends and family in this very happy and joyous event! This theatre and our Adaptive Dance studios have wheelchair access and all Adaptive students can perform in our annual spectacular Special Concert event!

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