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These are not listed on our website. Please contact Jessica Van Loon on 0402 312 543 or jessica@vlda.com.au

Please note:

  1. Please note that an enrolment for dance tuition at VLDA need only be made once a year.  There is no need to do an enrolment every term.
  2. All students must re-enrol annually only (not per term) at http://vlda.com.au/enrolment/ to secure their places in the classes of their choice
  3. Students must attend classes allocated to their school year only, any exceptions must be approved by the school principals
  4. From Grade 1 Ballet upwards students must attend their syllabus classes twice weekly
  5. Stretch and Limber classes are open to all students from year 5 upwards to improve dance strength and flexibility and are compulsory for students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 ballet
  6. Open Ballet class is open to students from Grade 5/6 ballet upwards
  7. All Major ballet students (Intermediate, Adv 1 and Adv 2) must attend their two weekly syllabus classes plus Open Ballet class and Senior Pointe class from the beginning of the year to be considered for examination. If these lessons cannot be attended then private lessons can be booked.
  8. Adult Ballet is for adult beginners and for adults with some prior ballet training. Basic ballet technique is strengthened and ballet sequences are learnt at the barre and in the centre.
  9. Adult Beginner Tap is for adults who have never tapped before and for those with some prior Tap dance experience.
  10. Junior Pointe class is for students in Grade 5 or 6 and follows a pre-pointe assessment from a physiotherapist.
  11. Senior Pointe is for students studying Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Ballet and experienced adult ballet students can also take this class.
  12. Eisteddfod groups are by audition only. Students are selected each year in August to join a two-three week audition process for a place in a VLDA eisteddfod group. If successful, an agreement is signed to commit students to the group rehearsals and performances.
  13. Students who wish to be considered for an eisteddfod solo must also represent VLDA in a VLDA eisteddfod group of the same Dance genre.
  14. Acrobatics at VLDA is offered to students in Year 3 and up and is a good compliment to Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Jazz.
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